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Senin, 18 Juli 2011

Point Blank Online Cheat | Cheat PB

point blank cheat
Cheat HeadShot
Point Blank CheatCheat PB” Online is simillar to Counter Strike Online. All cheat ability is the same like :
  • Auto aim
  • No clipping
  • See Behind the wall
  • All weapon
  • All amunition
The different is Point blank have a quest that you must play it for upgrade your point.
Point Blank Cheat should be newest once depend on your Point Blank server to join.  If it regulary pacth the game so you must know that your cheat pb is still work.
Or you can try with this step :
Download Hide Toolz
Download MoonLight Engine
This Tips for Unlimited Ammo
1. Run Moonlight Engine Then run Hide Toolz
2. Hide Moonlight Engine With Hide Toolz
3. Run PointBlank.exe then atach proces to Moonlight Engine
3. Scan 4 byte Ammo that you have (ie, 40)
4. Shoot 1 or 2 bullets to check that number change, then do next scan
5. Check address that you got. 3 addres minimal. double click for that addres than freeze

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